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Crime Prevention

The prevention of crime vital towards buidling a peaceful and safe community.  While crime fighting is the responsibility of the authorities, members of the public can play an important role in protecting themselves and their local communities.

If you witness a crime, it is important that you immediately lodge a report at a police station nearest to your location. The official website of the Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) provides a convenient facility to find contact numbers of district and local police stations.

The public can now dial 999 to report all forms of emergencies and expect their calls to be answered within 10 seconds or after four rings by the 999 Emergency Call Service Centre.

The RMP website also provides some excellent pointers on how to prevent crime. Common crimes discussed include burglary, car theft, domestic violence, and snatch theft.

A well-run neighborhood watch program can also be a powerful deterrent against criminal activity in residential areas.

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